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Ceramic Coating Colorado Springs

Ceramic coating has certainly become a more popular term in recent time. The first time you noticed it maybe you saw one of those commercials or videos of rain beading up and running off of a car. Pretty aesthetically pleasing huh? But what the heck does ceramic coating even mean? Certainly doesn’t sound like something that you’d put on your car. Let’s talk about it.

The best analogy we’ve ever come across is to think of ceramic coating like having an additional layer of skin on your body. Pretty easy to understand how that could protect you from certain situations right? Well this would do the same thing for your car under different circumstances.

The technology behind the process is called nanotechnology. What this means is that super small particles create hydrophobic barrier that’s completely invisible to the human eye. Hydrophobic basically means it’s water-repellent (explains all those videos huh) but it provides several other benefits such as resistance to UV rays, chemicals, hair scratches and even graffiti efforts.

Along with this barrier being invisible to the eye the coating is also 100% clear so you can keep that beautiful color on your car while attaining all the benefits that come with ceramic pro Colorado Springs.

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Who Should Invest in Ceramic Coating Colorado Springs?

Why do millions of people all over the country invest in ceramic coating their vehicles every single year? Two main reasons: convenience and avoiding future cost pitfalls.

Let’s start with the latter and say you choose not to go with a ceramic coating and you live in a harsh climate such as Colorado. You don’t store your car in a garage and you simply wash your car thinking this will help the longevity of the car and it looks pretty. It’s five years later and your cars taken an absolutely beating from weather conditions and you want to freshen up the look of your vehicle but a paint job is out of your price range. If you would’ve just made the investment up front and had your car ceramic coated it would’ve been much better protected from those harsh Colorado winters and your paint job would still look incredible.

Convenience is one of the most important aspects of a person’s life today, especially in the United States. We’re all so darn busy with our day to day lives now and we’re always looking for the easiest way to get something accomplished. Ceramic car coating Colorado Springs is an incredible way to save time on car maintenance. It’ll take you less than half the time to wash your car than it normally would.

It feels like we always battle the elements or unforeseen circumstances when it comes to our vehicles. We’re shopping at a grocery store and when we come out we have a brand new hair scratch on our car door. Maybe it’s battling the rough winter season or the fact that it’s impossible to miss those flying insects when you’re driving! Do yourself a favor and call Mod Finishes for a ceramic coating for cars Colorado Springs. We can tell you exactly what it’ll cost and discuss the process of getting your car protected.

What Can Ceramic Coating Colorado Springs Do For You?

The popularity of ceramic coating has absolutely exploded over the last few years. Consumers have it done on cars they buy, cars they lease and dealerships often have it done on cars before they’re even sold! So there has to be a handful of reasons that so many people are willing to spend their hard earned cash on a car detail that you can’t even see, right? Let’s take a look at some of those reasons real quick:

A ceramic coating is far and away better at keeping the surface of your vehicle safe and protected than an ordinary paint job. Without getting too technical, your vehicles existing paint job isn’t protected from vibrations. Sounds crazy right? Well vibration actually messes up the molecular structure of your paint job. What does that mean for you? It means your paint starts to fade and disappear over time. Well that doesn’t happen when you get a Colarado Springs automotive ceramic coating. Also, the coating can last years and years so you won’t have to worry about reapplying every single year due to harsh weather conditions.

This is especially important for those that don’t keep their vehicles under the cover of a garage, carport, etc. It won’t be noticed after a year or maybe even three but after an extended time in the sun and the elements a car will start to suffer the affects of UV exposure. The first thing you’ll notice is the paint starting to fade and almost looked washed out. This is the classic sign of UV damage. After that, if nothing is done your vehicle may start to rust. Everyone fears a vehicle that suffers from rust and eventually crumbles. The process of that happening is referred to as oxidation. That’s where ceramic detailing comes in. It’s highly effective in reducing the effects of UV damage and ultimately the oxidization of your paint job.

Like we discussed above, hydrophobic is just a fancy way of saying water-repellant. This is usually what people think of when they hear “ceramic coating.” The rain or precipitation hits your vehicle, immediately beads up and finds it’s way off your car. Many times it takes whatever dirt has been collected on the surface of your car along with it because the properties of the ceramic coating don’t allow it to stick to the car. This is also the case with winter snowfalls. As we all know, Colorado winters can be very harsh and there’s nothing worse than scraping ice off your car. Imagine having a coating on your vehicles that allow ice to simply slide right off. Sweet, huh?

Mud, dirt, insects and dust can all collect on your car and be a huge pain to get off. That’s not the case when you throw a ceramic coating on there. You’ll still see dirt or dust and bugs will still stick to your car but a layer of coating makes it extremely easy to clean off. Your days of scrubbing bug guts off your car are over! Also, think about all that nasty bird poop you could avoid scrubbing off the hood and roof of your vehicles!

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