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Maybe a sports ball hit your car or you’re looking for hail damage repair Colorado Springs. These are very real circumstances and we don’t want you to panic if your car has taken some damage. Especially in the event of a storm or some kind of natural disaster. You wouldn’t be the first one to call for hail damage repair Colorado Springs and you won’t be the last because we all know how hail can affect the state and our area. Nothing is worse than walking out to your car after a storm and seeing what seems like a million little dimples on the surface of your car. None of us want that abstract art all over our new car, it’s ugly!

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Do you have one of those itty bitty dents somewhere on the surface of your car that drives you absolutely insane? If you’re reading this right now, chances are you do. At the very least you’ve certainly seen a small dent on a car. Many people in this situation jump to the conclusion that it’ll be a costly fix and that they’ll need to replace a panel on the car. In fact, majority of the time that’s not the case. Around 80-90% of vehicle dents can be fixed with paintless dent repair (PDR).

These repairable dents can even be the size of a football or soccer ball. If that’s the case with your vehicle, Mod Finishes should be able to get rid of that ugly thing effectively and be cost efficient at the same time.

But do we call it paintless dent repair? Well, the idea is to gently pressure the effected metal back into place while maintaining the integrity of the paint job.

Often times the job is rather simple but one of the things that can complicate it is the location of the dent so we’ll need to take a look at your car before we know exactly what the process will look like.

Here’s a couple of circumstances where PDR Colorado Springs wouldn’t be the best option:

Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair Colorado Springs

This can be a relatively quick process and solution to repair your vehicle but it’s very important to remember that the work should be done by a qualified professional. These positives or advantages can only be guaranteed when the job is completed by someone that fits that description.

Here’s just a handful of the advantages you can expect when in the hands of our dent repair Colorado Springs experts:

You’ll save a ton of money

The cost of paintless dent repair is significantly cheaper than what you think about when you hear auto body work. When you talk about auto body there’s almost always some form of preparing the new body, sanding an existing body or even the need to repaint a portion of the car. All of those processes are time consuming which results in sky high prices.

When you’re talking about an auto body job where panels of the car will have to be intensely repaired or replaced, the job could take days or even weeks depending on the shop and availability of parts. The process behind paintless dent repair Colorado Springs will only take several hours at most which means Mod Finishes can have your vehicle back to you that same day!

This is almost always a top concern of people that have cars with damage. Even a small to medium size dent. Nobody wants to go through the painful process of selling a car that isn’t looking it’s best. Allow the area’s top dent repair Colorado Springs, CO experts resolve this before it becomes an issue for you down the road.

This won’t always be the case because not all manufacturers offer paint warranties but sometimes they do. Be sure to check your warranty for that. Since we won’t need to repaint anything with paintless dent repair your warranty will still be safe. If you were to go the route of a traditional repair through an auto body shop that warranty would immediately be nullified once the paint on the car is no longer original.

Special tools are used during the PDR process and it’s carried out carefully which means you don’t have to worry about other areas of your vehicle being affected.

 You’ll want to avoid traditional repairs at all cost because you’ll have a difficult time matching paint colors and if a panel needs to be replaced chances are it’ll need to be custom made. In other words, it’s going to be very expensive! Why go through that hassle when Mod Finishes can take care of your vintage piece for cheap and restore it to pristine condition?

Our Dent Repair Colorado Springs Process

Let’s walk through the exact process that the Mod Finishes experts use to take care of your dent damages using PDR.

First, we have to take a close look at your vehicle and determine if PDR is even the right technique or solution in your particular situation. We’ll be looking at things like location, the size of it and how our experts can get to it. We’ll also take a closer look at the dent itself. Is it sharp and rigid? Has the paint been effected to the point that it’ll need to be touched up? Is the dent in a location that won’t tolerate or allow us to get enough pressure to massage the dent out? All of these questions will have to be answered before we’ll know for sure whether we can use PDR in your situation. Like stated before, more often than not we’re able to use this effective and efficient method to help you.

Second (assuming we can use PDR), we’ll have to finalize how we’re going to access the dent and then gain access to it. This means we may have to remove panels on the car, taillights, headlights or other parts of the car. This is because in order for PDR to be effective we need to fix it from the backside of the dent, meaning the side that faces the interior of your car. At this point our highly skilled experts are ready to fulfill the repair with precision.

The third and final step is the repair itself. It requires a few special tools designed for PDR. Now we’re ready to slowly and precisely apply pressure and massage the backside of the dent until it’s completely gone and you’ve got a brand new car.

Why You Should Choose Mod Finishes

Plain and simple, you can trust us with all of your paintless dent repair Colorado Springs needs. We’ve been providing this type of service for years and our experience with the process predates our time in business.

Our experts are the very best at what they do and PDR isn’t something that should be done by a novice. A lot can go wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing. Imagine trying to pull off two panels on the exterior and another on the interior, it’s not fun but it’s what we do! We don’t want you spending your time carrying out that tedious task or even worse, doing more harm than good! If you make an error trying to do it yourself you might find yourself needing to replace parts of the car. Yikes! In addition, it helps to have the special gadgets that we have to carry out the job.

If you’re here because you’ve got some pesky dents and you can’t stand looking at them anymore, please give us a call. Our team is trained and certified to carry out jobs just like these. We would love to take a look at your vehicle and see if paintless dent repair is the best option. Remember, it is in most cases but you can trust us to point you in the right direction.

Past Dent Repairs from Mod Finishes

Here you can take a look at some PDR Colorado Springs jobs we’ve completed recently. In all of these cases you’ll notice that you can’t tell that a dent was ever there! Also, take this opportunity to look at some of these examples and compare it to the dent on your own vehicle because these are all situations where the dent was easily removed with the PDR process. Does your situation compare to any of these?

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