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Why People Use Mod Finishes for Their Powder Coating Needs?

The automotive industry has absolutely exploded over the last couple decades and not from a production standpoint. It means that most households own at least two vehicles these days. Also, more and more people have taken an interest in keeping their vehicles in tip-top shape.

That’s where the team at Mod Finishes comes in. We love what’s happening with consumers in the automotive world because our professionals have loved cars for years and we’re happy to be sharing that passion with more and more people today.

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About the Team at Mod Finishes

Our shop is located right here in Colorado Springs and we’re passionate about helping you and others in the area keep vehicles looking like they just rolled out of the showroom. That’s just what we do.

We have members of our team that specialize in each service that we offer. Some of these services include powder coating, paintless dent repair, auto detailing, headlight restoration and ceramic coating.

Our professionals and technicians are licensed and certified to tackle all of these projects for you. We understand that some of these projects can be done via DIY but they take a lot of time and can be much more difficult without the use of special tools, equipment and products. Many times it will result in more headaches for you.

So what sets us apart from the rest of the shops in Colorado Springs?

It’s simply the way we go about satisfying every customer that comes to us! There’s no secret sauce to what we do. It’s our number one focus that you walk away satisfied with our work. We want to have constant communication with you throughout the process to let you know exactly what you can expect and ultimately walk away thrilled with what we’ve done.

Powder Coating Colorado Springs

Powder coating has absolutely exploded in the automotive industry in recent time. Today car consumers use powder coating as a way to transform the look of their vehicle as well as a way to protect several parts of it. Often times, powder coating wheels Colorado Springs is the number one service we provide. For years consumers and car enthusiasts have been changing the look of their wheels because it’s an excellent way to make yours stand out from the rest. It’s not just wheels that can be powder coated though as a coating can be placed on almost any piece of metal. Of course, there are drawbacks to coating every part of a vehicle. Powder coating can add a ton of weight to a car if you aren’t careful and that’s why it’s uncommon to see it done on anything but a set of wheels. Colorado Springs powder coating on your wheels can have numerous benefits but the two that stick out the most are a visual change and increased durability. Say goodbye to the days of scratches and chips on wheel paint. Powder coating is one of the best ways to enhance the durability of a metal and the positive effects on car wheels are obvious and glaring. Powder coating your vehicle will not take us long and in some cases you can expect to receive it the same day! The process kicks off with the cleaning of the surface and includes sandblasting Colorado Springs so we can be sure to remove any contaminants or things that will effect the best result. We’ve been doing these projects for years and we have confidence that we offer the best powder coating Colorado Springs services.

Paintless Dent Repair Colorado Springs

When most people find a dent in their vehicle they automatically think about a traditional dent repair and the high cost that will come along with it. We aim to help people find an alternative. Almost nine out of ten dents can be repaired with PDR Colorado Springs. What is PDR? It stands for paintless dent repair and it’s the process of removing a small to medium sized dent without having to touch up any paint or do major body repair work. Our dent repair Colorado Springs team has a ton of experience using this process and chances are we can remove that hideous dent in no time with little hassle. These dents can be caused by an array of things. Whether your car got hit by a basketball or it just went through the most recent hail storm you’ve got a million dimples on the hood and roof of your car. Several circumstances where we wouldn’t be able to use paintless dent repair Colorado Springs to resolve the issue would be if there’s any sharp metal or edges, if the paint has been affected, if the affected area is located near the edge of a panel or if the affected panel has been replaced or repaired in the past. If those circumstances aren’t present in your situation then we should have no problem carrying out this process. There are also several benefits from using PDR as opposed to a traditional repair including maintaining the factory warranty for paint if you have one, maintaining the top-end value of your vehicle, not worrying about matching paint colors and the convenience factor because you’ll have your vehicle back the same day.

Car Detailing Colorado Springs

Car detailing is probably the most recognized and common service that we offer at Mod Finishes. This is the service that you need to keep your car looking like you just drove it out of the showroom years later. Our team of car detailers Colorado Springs give your vehicle a thorough cleaning on the inside and out. When most people think of auto detailing Colorado Springs that think of the waxing process but there’s much more to it than that. We offer detailing packages for both interior and exterior. Both play a very important role in keeping your car looking it’s best as well as making sure it keeps functioning properly. You might be asking yourself how this process could be any different than a normal car wash and on the surface that’s a fair question. However, the car detailing process is much more thorough and beneficial than your run of the mill car wash. The lone purpose of a car wash is to remove light dust and dirt on the exterior of the car. Most times it won’t be truly clean because you’ll drive away with water marks all over the vehicle. Our car detailers Colorado Springs make sure you drive away with a sparkling ride. We ensure this by hand-washing all exterior surfaces, using a special clay that removes all water marks and lasting impurities, polishing your vehicle to make it gleam and then seal that polish so you don’t lose it any time soon. It doesn’t stop there though. We also provide an interior detail. Now you’re probably thinking, “but I vacuum my car regularly.” Well we also vacuum your car but then we steam clean all cloth surfaces, clean the glass, remove all stains by scrubbing them out and also bring all the life back to any leather material. At Mod Finishes, the car detailing Colorado Springs services can have lasting effects on your vehicle. Obviously, it will keep your car looking it’s best but it goes way beyond that. Keeping your car maintained with regular car details can ensure that the value of your car is kept to the maximum. A protective sealant will help get you through harsh Colorado winters. It also decreases safety concerns. For example, we will thoroughly clean your engine which can keep your vehicle from overheating and increase fuel efficiency. Also, we’ll remove all the gunk and grime from your windows to make sure you can see clearly out your windshield during harsh elements and in the dark. This obviously helps negate the chances of getting into an accident.

Ceramic Coating Colorado Springs

Ceramic coating has absolutely exploded in popularity recently. You’ve probably seen a video of a car that has ceramic pro Colorado Springs on it and water is beading up and running off the car almost majestically. A ceramic coating essentially establishes an invisible barrier on the metal surfaces of a vehicle which protects the paint from multiple effects that are harmful to it. These are things like damage from UV rays, hairline scratches and harsh chemicals. The improvements it can make on your vehicle are plentiful and include durability. It will make all exterior metal resistant to things like scratches and chips in paint. However, the most noteworthy is the effect it will have on the lifetime expectancy of your paint. It creates a strong molecular structure over your paint and will help decrease the fading of your paint. Ceramic coating will also make your vehicle more resistant to UV damage. We’ve all seen cars that have sat out in the sun for years and the exterior begins to fade and become dull. That’s due to the harsh rays produced by the sun. The protective barrier formed by the coating will help keep those rays from penetrating your paint job and having adverse effects. The most well-known benefit is the hydrophobic qualities of ceramic coating. This is the property that allows water and mud to seamlessly slide off the vehicle. There’s a common misconception that a coating will remove the need for a car wash and that’s just a myth. You will still get some water spots and dust on the surface but it make cleaning the car so much easier. Our ceramic coating Colorado Springs experts have been applying these coatings since before it was the cool thing to do.

Headlight Restoration Colorado Springs

Mod Finishes offers the top headlight restoration service in Colorado Springs and it’s surrounding areas. Most car owners neglect to care for their headlights for far too long. We’ve seen some ugly cases of neglected headlights. You’ll notice your lights start to get hazy and foggy. It’s not just that they look ugly and make your car look worse-off than it really is, but it’s also a real safety hazard. The front end of your vehicle takes on more abuse than any other part of the car. It’s the first area to come into contact with dust, bugs, dirt and more. It should be maintained and treated equally with the other parts of the car. All that grime built-up will get you to the point of not being able to see as well in rough weather conditions or at night. All of a sudden those high-beams won’t feel much like high-beams anymore. At that point you’re just asking for trouble. Headlight restoration Colorado Springs needs to be at the top of the mind of every car owner in the area. The restoration process isn’t as simple as taking some glass cleaning and wiping off all that crud. At Mod Finishes we use a special cleaning product to remove all of that stuff. Once we’re done you’ll be stunned at the transformation. This is also a great way to save money because it will extend the life of your headlights. The last thing you want to do is spend several hundred dollars to get each of your lights replaced. We’re not saying a simple headlight restoration will prevent you from ever having to replace those lights but it will certainly help preserve them. If you’re not sure whether you should replace or restore your headlights just give us a call! We would be happy to take a look and give you advice on the best course of action.

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