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Powder coating is one of the best methods to apply color and other decorative finishing for vehicle surfaces and other objects. There is no better solution for you than Denver powder coating if you have a vehicle whose wheel rims need to be freshened up. Thanks to powder coating, you will not have to toss old rims simply because they look old and beat down. Powder coating is quickly becoming the fastest finishing technology in all of the US; mainly because of the eye-catching finish it will give your vehicle’s wheels. If wheel powder coating Denver is done properly, your vehicle will look like it just rolled out of a showroom, and you will have people talking about it.

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How do we carry out the powder coating process?

Powder coating Colorado is a way of coloring a surface by applying a free-flowing, dry powder to it. Before we powder coat your wheels, we first clean them to remove contaminants. The substance we use to powder coat your vehicle is essentially a mixture of finely ground pigment and resin that is electrostatically sprayed onto the surface that you want to coat. Until the powder is cured, the object will remain in our possession. The set powder will adhere to the surface and then get “baked” to ensure the powder and rim surfaces blend, resulting in a glossy, dazzling result with excellent visual appeal. 

With Colorado powder coating, you will be able to drive over the toughest terrains without worrying about the impact that the unpleasant road might otherwise have on your freshly redone rims. The process does not take long; you should be able to take your car home the very same day with wheel caps looking good as new.

Why you should come to us for powder coating

Powder coating will provide a better overall result

Due to the curing process, the finish will be way harder and tougher than that produced by liquid paints applied using an evaporating solvent. Considering the kind of work your vehicle’s rims go through daily, you want to invest in a Colorado powder coating service whose result will last longer and will protect them from the asphalt, grime, salt, and other environmental factors. Powder-coated surfaces are resistant to chipping, scratches, wearing, and fading compared to surfaces coated using other methods. The color of your car wheels will, therefore, remain vibrant for much longer, making powder coating the more economical and durable option.

Less Messy Application

You will agree that liquid paints are a mess, from their smell to the mixing process, application, runniness, and the overwhelming smell of the volatile solvent. You may feel tempted to handle the task of repainting your wheel caps at home, but you will endure quite the headache during the process and after. Powder coating Denver services provided by a Mod Finishes professional will provide you with value for your money, without having to go to the store and buying paint, solvent, and brushes that you may never use again. Also, the powder application is seamless, relying on like and opposite charges to adhere to the surface of interest and heat to bond to it.

Moreover, since the powder does not require a liquid carrier, its finish will be thick without any sagging or running.

If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint and be conscious of the environment, go for powder coating. Most liquid paints require the use of toxic volatile organic compounds in their volatile solvents that act as pollutants; as the solvent evaporates, these harmful compounds are released into the air, harming the ozone layer and ruining the quality of air. On the other hand, powder coating does not release any of these compounds into the environment as it does not require a volatile carrier fluid.

In addition to being safe for the environment, Denver powder coating is safe for you, too, if you are especially sensitive to volatile organic compounds. The powders we use to coat your vehicle’s wheels do not cause any marked irritation to your respiratory system or skin, compared to the harsh solvents that come with using liquid paints. This makes powder coating a safer alternative.

The time taken for your wheel rims to cure when you choose powder coat wheels Denver will be way less compared to liquid paints. What’s more, after the job is done, there will be no difference between the horizontal and vertical surfaces, not to mention the excellent coverage that powder coating provides compared to liquid paints, which will create a more aesthetically pleasing result.

You Will Save Money And Time

Come to us to redo your wheel caps, and you will save money and time in the long run. Opting to do the paint job yourself may seem like the better option, but only for the short run, as eventually, the paint will peel, and you will be stuck with your unsightly rims again. 

What’s more, painting your rims is no way to spend a weekend while you could rest and let the professionals handle the job. We have specialized powder coat Denver equipment that will provide you with the durable, aesthetically pleasing result that you desire. By choosing Mod Finishes, you will save money and time in the long run as you will not buy any materials or spend any time handling this task. Leaving it to us will also make the job way easier for you.

We Offer The Best Powder Coating Services In All Of Denver

If you are looking for reliable powder coating Denver services, then look no further than Mod Finishes. At Mod Finishes, we have a passion for vehicles and believe that customers should obtain the best services to genuinely enjoy their beloved vehicles. We have plenty of experience and a list of happy clients in all services pertaining to automobiles. If you want to have your car’s rims freshened up, come to us for the best powder coating services. With our services, your car’s wheels will retain their unique sheen, and you will avoid the sight of chips and scratches on them.

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