Protect your vehicle from the winter elements with our newest Paint Protection Films (PPF)

Mod Finishes came together with a staff of over 50 years of combined experience in the areas of powder coating and ceramic coating. Mod Finishes specializes in automotive paint protection in the form of ceramic coatings. This process always involves some level of “paint correction”, where we are buffing and polishing your vehicle in order to remove scratches, swirls, and imperfections. We also specialize in automotive powder coating, primarily on wheels and brake calipers. We are a unique facility that has the ability to allow you to drop your entire vehicle with us while we powdercoat your wheels, calipers, etc to almost any color you desire. 

Whether it is fixing curb rash along the way, or mounting and balancing your tires back onto the freshly powder coated wheels, we can do all of it. We take on many unique projects here, and can accommodate a wide range of budgets and desires. Check out our Gallery page to see examples of our work!

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About the Team at Mod Finishes

Our shop is located right here in Colorado Springs and we’re passionate about helping you and others in the area keep vehicles looking like they just rolled out of the showroom. That’s just what we do.

We have members of our team that specialize in each service that we offer. Some of these services include powder coating, paintless dent repair, auto detailing, headlight restoration and ceramic coating.

Our professionals and technicians are licensed and certified to tackle all of these projects for you. We understand that some of these projects can be done via DIY but they take a lot of time and can be much more difficult without the use of special tools, equipment and products. Many times it will result in more headaches for you.

So what sets us apart from the rest of the shops in Colorado Springs?

It’s simply the way we go about satisfying every customer that comes to us! There’s no secret sauce to what we do. It’s our number one focus that you walk away satisfied with our work. We want to have constant communication with you throughout the process to let you know exactly what you can expect and ultimately walk away thrilled with what we’ve done.

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We love helping the people of Colorado Springs and we would love to provide you with our services. You’ve had the chance to hear a little bit about what we do and what we’re all about. Hopefully we’ve shown you how much we care about our customers and how passionate we are about these projects and services. Please feel free to give our team a call with any questions you may have about auto detailing, headlight restoration, ceramic coating, powder coating or paintless dent repair. Of course, if you’re ready to book a call we would love to hear from you so we can set up an appointment!

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