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Headlight Restoration

Mod Finishes should be your go-to expert for this service. We get calls and questions all the time about headlight restoration Colorado Springs. Let us take this opportunity to answer some of those questions. You may notice that your headlights start to get dull and foggy maybe a couple of years after you get a new car. This is what happens when headlights aren’t cleaned properly on a regular basis. If you think about it, the front end of your car (where your headlights are, duh) is always taking more of a beating than you think. Maybe it’s bugs splattering or you live in a rural area with plenty of dirt roads that gets kicked up onto your headlights. When you think about it that way it should only make sense for us to pay attention to the cleanliness of our headlights. Not only does the dust and grime build-up make your car look hideous but it can also be extremely dangerous. With all of that gunk stuck to your headlights it’s easy to understand that you could have a tougher time seeing and driving during the darker times of the day. Suddenly those high beams don’t work like high beams anymore and uh-oh. But it’s not as simple as taking a wet rag or some Windex to the headlight cover and washing away the debris as if it never existed. After all, modern headlights are much more difficult to clean than older glass headlights. The polycarbonate lights of today, while tougher, do cloud up much faster. The new design has extended durability and life because of a special UV coating that is used. This is something that requires a special solution, time and some work. That’s why you need to let Mod Finishes take care of headlight restoration in Colorado Springs. Not only will we put in the time and effort required to get the job done but we’ll get your car back to you looking brand spanking new. I mean these headlight covers will be looking like they just rolled out of the factory. If you really want them to pop then consider getting the entire vehicle detailed. A complete wax and buff job! Give us a call and let us help you with anything that entails headlight restoration Colorado Springs.

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So What's the Process?

We use the same process on every car that comes to us for headlight restoration. Honestly, it’s not extremely difficult but the simplicity is the key to consistent results. There’s really three steps to it:

And voila! You have a sparkling headlight. The whole process takes only a couple of hours so in many cases you’ll get your car back the exact same day! Most people choose a simple headlight restoration over a complete headlamp replacement simply because of price. In some cases a headlamp replacement may be required but most times our easy 3 step process will bring you the shine you’re looking for.

What Will Headlight Restoration Service in Colorado Do For You?

Let’s look at a short list of what a simple headlight restoration project can do for you:

 FUN FACT – you can lose as much as 80% of your visibility at night due to clouded or oxidized lights

Increase the overall resale value of your car – most people think about cleaning or having their car detailed when trying to sell their car but why not throw in another cheap solution? Get your headlights restored on the cheap and it makes a huge difference!

Headlight Restoration Projects

Feel free to take a look at some of the restoration projects we’ve done for past customers. It takes a quick glance to notice how much of a difference our process makes. When we’re done you’ll be shocked that your headlights weren’t replaced, but are in fact the same pair.


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