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The automotive industry has absolutely exploded over the last couple decades and not from a production standpoint. It means that most households own at least two vehicles these days. Also, more and more people have taken an interest in keeping their vehicles in tip-top shape.

That’s where the team at Mod Finishes comes in. We love what’s happening with consumers in the automotive world because our professionals have loved cars for years and we’re happy to be sharing that passion with more and more people today.

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Powder Coating

Powder coating is one of our most popular services that we provide for a variety of reasons. The first is because it’s an easy way to transform the look and color of a vehicle. Most times you’ll see this used on the wheels or rims of a daily driver or performance vehicle. However, we also provide this service on performance cars, race cars and off-road vehicles. The application of this coating creates an extremely durable metal and that’s one of it’s most sought after practical properties. This coating also creates a thick and heavy metal so be sure to take that into consideration based on the vehicle that it’s being applied to. A powder coat, particularly on wheels, will make the surface much more resistant to scratches or chips in paint. That said, if you’re looking to make a metal easier to clean then you should look into our ceramic coating surfaces. Due to the thickness of the coating, dirt and debris tend to get lodged in the metal making it harder to clean than stock. This is especially prevalent with wheels because of the presence of dirt and brake dust.

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair or PDR is a great option for those that are looking to avoid the high cost of traditional auto body work when it comes to dings and dents. It’s a very effective process that we use here at Mod Finishes to remove small to medium size dents almost anywhere on a vehicle. Nothing will annoy you more than when you come out to your car after a shopping trip and you’ve got a new ding on your car door. That’s why we’re here. We offer a cost-effective solution to get those things off your car and out of your life. There are some situations when a paintless dent repair won’t be a viable option but those are few and far between. Your dent could be the size of a football and we’ll still be able to use this process. That’s why we encourage you to let our experts assess the situation before resorting to traditional repair work.

Car Detailing

Car detailing is the most common and well-known service that we offer at Mod Finishes. There are already tons of people out there that get their vehicles detailed on a regular basis and you should too. Not only does it return your car to showroom quality on the outside but it restores the interior as well. We offer several detailing packages. You can choose to get an exterior or interior detail, or both! We’ll remove stains, steam clean your cloth, restore your leather and clean your glass. On the exterior we’ll give your vehicle a thorough hand-wash in all cracks and crevices, as well as polish and seal your paint. When you come back for your car you’ll be shocked by the transformation. You’ll get that old feeling of driving it off the lot once again! Looks might be the only thing you’ll see but it’s certainly not the only benefit of getting a detail. One overlooked positive is getting that engine of yours thoroughly cleaned. That alone can have a direct impact on fuel efficiency.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is fresh on the scene. You might have been introduced to it in a video and it caught your attention because the water beading up and running off the car effortlessly was really appealing. Those are the hydrophobic properties that come with ceramic coating. Basically, the barrier formed forces water to run off the vehicle. That’s not the only benefit that you receive from a ceramic coating though. It forms a protective barrier outside of the paint job which will absolutely extend the life of your paint. It also creates a resistance to UV damage which could have detrimental effects on the paint. This is often seen when a car looks faded in some areas. That’s a direct result of the suns UV rays. That said, there are some common misconceptions that come along with ceramic coating. The most common is that you’ll never need to wash your car again. This is not the case but it does make the cleaning process a whole lot easier. Most times you’ll simply need to wipe the car off.

Headlight Restoration

Foggy and hazy headlights can be real rough to look at. Headlights are generally the most neglected part of a car when it comes to regular vehicle maintenance. If you really think about it, headlights should be treated the same as the rest of the car. After all, the front end of the car takes on the brute of harsh weather conditions. It’ll be the first to hit dust, dirt, snow and salt. It’s no wonder these things look hideous after a while. It can really make your car look more dated than it is and it also presents various safety hazards. You might not notice your headlights being less effective but they certainly area. Actually they can be up to 150% less effective which is a staggering number. Nobody wants to put themselves or their family in harms way by not being able to see properly. Plus it’s a great way to save money, instead of having your headlights replaced for an astronomical amount, just extend their life by having them restored!

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