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Think of getting your vehicle detailed like a spring cleaning. You know, you go through the interior of your home and put all your winter clothes away, dust, wash couch covers and get rid of stuff you don’t need. Then you move to the exterior of the home and pressure wash windows, clean off your siding and get rid of all the gunk in the gutters. That’s exactly what car detail shops in Colorado Springs can do for your car. It’s the process of cleaning your car thoroughly with the use of special equipment and products which in return makes your vehicle look new again, just like your home does after a big-time spring cleaning spree.

It’s important to remember that auto detail Colorado Springs doesn’t entail any major body work or paint touch-ups. Mod Finishes can carry out some slight cosmetic work (like a really fine scratch) with one of these packages but nothing major.

You might be thinking that this sounds a lot like a basic car wash but it’s a lot different. If you go through a car wash the only thing it’s going to do is remove some dirt on the surface and leave water marks on your car, yuck. Also, vacuuming your car yourself isn’t going to have the same effects as an interior detail. At Mod Finishes we go well beyond vacuuming with an interior detail.

All detail shops Colorado Springs will have different levels or packages for car details. At Mod Finishes we will happily go over what’s included with every package so you know exactly what you’re getting and the price you’re getting it at.

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The Differences Between A Car Wash and Car Detailing

Later we’ll discuss what makes auto detailing Colorado Springs such a good idea but right now we’ll cover why it stands above a basic car wash. The only thing a full service car wash Colorado Springs has on a car detail is price. Sure you’ve gone to several places to get your vehicle washed and you’ve come away wanting more. It’s frustrating when you pay $15-30 and end up with water spots on your vehicle 10 minutes later.

The point of a car wash is simply to remove dirt from the surface while an auto detail aims to restore your vehicle to it’s original appearance. The ability to wax and buff go a long way in doing this, something you don’t get with a basic car wash.

What's Generally Included in A Car Detailing Colorado Springs

Our car detailers in Colorado Springs give you plenty of great packages to choose from. At Mod Finishes, we have a couple packages for partial details and our biggest package is a complete detail. Feel free to give us a call for more information on what’s included in our packages.

The easiest way to talk about what’s included in Colorado Springs auto detailing is to break it down into two categories: interior and exterior. Please remember that you can choose to have one or the other detailed, or both.

Let’s start with some of the services we offer for an interior detail:

It’s not what it sounds like! Don’t worry, we aren’t going to cut your leather. Leather trimming means the thorough cleaning of any leather in your vehicle. We use top of the line leather cleaning products and some soap to remove any dirt and grime that’s made a home in leather surfaces or stitching. We make sure to remove all excess products before the job is done.

This is often the first step of the process here at Mod Finishes. We want to make sure we vacuum every surface in your vehicle before anything else. That includes us removing all mats, cargo holders, etc. from the vehicle to make sure everything is cleaned as much as possible. There are some areas that we won’t be able to get to with a traditional vacuum so we like using an air compressor for those instances.

Any cloth surfaces in your car will be scrubbed and eventually steam cleaned. This is particularly effective for the flooring and any areas that have stains that need to be removed. We’ll start by scrubbing out the stains and then finish up the process by steam cleaning it which is very effective. Don’t worry, when you get your car back all of the surfaces that have been steam cleaned will be dried completely to ensure your car doesn’t have a scent of dampness.

We’ll make sure all glass surfaces in the vehicle are hit hard with a glass cleaning product. That means all windows in the car. All that dust and dirt will be removed from your windshield which eventually results in a haziness.

We like to go through with a vacuum one last time to make sure we haven’t stirred up any dirt during any of the other processes. We’ll make sure to go over all the flooring in the vehicle as well as wipe down the dash and any other hard surface in the vehicle.

We want you to not only see a brand-new car but to smell one as well. We’ll provide the interior of the vehicle with a fresh scent to finish off the interior detail.

Basic inclusions for an exterior detail:

This isn’t the same type of wash that’s done at a normal car wash. Every time our car detailers Colorado Springs do a wash it’s by hand and we cover every inch of the exterior. That even includes opening up your doors and washing the area where the interior meets the exterior. The washing product we use is a special product not found in stores and it’s designed to remove any dirt or debris that’s tough to get off.

We sometimes use a special clay bar that is designed to remove any water marks or other impurities that can’t be removed with a simple wash.

When you buy a new car it’s been detailed before it hits the showroom floor. The reason its surface is sparkling is because of the polish that’s been put on it. After a while a car loses that polished look due to the elements and simple wear and tear. Our Colorado Springs car detailing professionals restore that gleaming look to your vehicle during the polishing process.

This one is pretty obvious. We always seal the surface of the car so you don’t lose the fresh polish any time soon. Of course, the elements can have an effect on just how long this lasts meaning this exterior detail won’t last forever. We recommend getting the vehicle detailed once or twice a year to maintain the look and other benefits.

The Importance of Auto Detailing Colorado Springs

It’s recommended that you get your vehicle detailed every once in a while to make sure you reap the benefits. It’s not only to improve the look of your vehicle either, there are a handful of benefits from our car detailing Colorado Springs services.

What kind of benefits does the vehicle receive from an auto detail?

Keep your paint looking fresh and unaffected by the Colorado weather. The products we put on the car will provide a barrier between the paint and anything on the outside.

Most people don’t think about this but when dirt and dust collect inside your engine it can play a role in it overheating. When you get your car detailed regularly it helps to keep the engine from getting blocked.

Many people are worried about the resale value of a car because more and more people are keeping their cars for less time. This is especially true if you’ve leased a car. You want to make sure you keep that car looking it’s best so you don’t get dinged when you turn it in.

What Does Colorado Springs Auto Detailing Do for the Owner

Mod Finishes places the satisfaction of our customers above all else. Therefore, when you come to us for auto detailing Colorado Springs we’re focused on how we can positively effect your life with our services.

So let’s talk about how this service can have a direct impact on your life as a car owner and driver. There are a few different things to point out:

Who doesn’t like to save money? Now I know what you’re thinking, “doesn’t this service cost money?” The answer is obviously yes but it’s important to point out how it can save money in the long run. Reduced maintenance is the obvious answer here. A benefit such as a protective barrier being placed on the exterior or an engine cleaning which would result in increased fuel efficiency.

This is the result of a thorough glass cleaning. Many people neglect windshield maintenance and it can have a dangerous effect. When your glass becomes hazy and you’re trying to drive through harsh weather elements or in the dark your vision can be seriously impaired.

Here’s the obvious one. Most car owners feel a lot better when their driving a car that is fresh and looks new as opposed to one that’s covered in dirt and dust. Even if you drive an older model an auto detail can go a long way with a simple sparkle and shine.

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