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The 7 Reasons Why Ceramic Coating Is The Only Way To Protect Your Car

At this point you’ve probably heard of ceramic coating. After all, you’re reading this article aren’t you?

You’ve probably seen the videos of water just rolling off the hood of a car. The same with mud.

This is actually due to recent breakthroughs in nanotechnology and the application of it to protecting paint in the automotive industry. There are many great benefits that come along with it’s application and yet most people still don’t know about it and those benefits it offers.

With that said, today you’re going to learn why ceramic coating is the only method you should consider when protecting your car.

Chemical Resistance

With normal sealants and waxes you don’t get a powerful chemical resistance like you do with ceramic coating. This is a huge advantage because in your cars lifetime it will likely come into contact with a damaging chemical at least a couple of times.

Offers Long-Lasting Protection

Unlike a wax or sealant, a ceramic coating finish can only be removed with repeated abrasion. What that means is your coating won’t wear away over time or due to the harsh Colorado elements. This is an option that you’ll reap benefits from for as long as you choose to leave it on your car (which I hope would be forever).

A 9H On The Coating Scale

I know what you’re thinking, “what the heck is a 9H and why should I care?” A score of 9H is a result of a pencil test. This test is used for the strength of clear coatings. A 9H is the highest score on the scale which means your ceramic coating is as hard as it gets as long as you get it applied by a professional and you do the proper maintenance.

The Gleam

Everyone loves the look of a car that just sparkles in the sunlight. Ceramic coating offers the best possible shine. As we talked about before, the coating only goes away with abrasion which means you’ll be driving around with the paint sparkling the day you bought your car… for as long as you choose to maintain it! Many people choose a ceramic coating for the “invisible” benefits such as the resistances it has but the shine it provides is a huge positive.

UV Resistant

The main reason car paint fades is due to sitting out in the sunlight and undergoing harmful effects from UV rays. After a long period of time your paint will fade and you’ll be due for a new paint job if you want it looking good again. A ceramic coating blocks out UV rays and it will extend the lifetime of your paint.

Say Goodbye To Rust and Corrosion

Your car normally rusts over time when water and oxygen repeatedly collect on the surface of your car. The hydrophobic properties of a ceramic coating won’t allow that to happen. Say goodbye to rust issues as your car ages.

Water and Grime Won’t Stick As Well

Contrary to popular belief, ceramic coating doesn’t negate the need to wash your car. However, it will make the cleaning process a whole lot simpler. This is because liquid and grime won’t stick to your car and be as stubborn as they are now. You’ll notice that your car doesn’t look dirty as quickly as it normally would.